Reality Networkers Income

reality_networkers_incomeReality Networkers(RN) is a organization for internet marketers or networkers to build their network. In this network, it not only helps you build your list and downlines, they also got a compensation plan in addition to it. A 5×6 Force matrix one time commission per level.

I’ve joined this for Free few days ago just to see what exactly is this system trying to do. After joining, I took a quick tour around in the program and left it there for few days. Days later of not even logging in, I actually received emails from Geraldo of Reality Networkers that I’ve got 113 Downlines! It drew my attention to RN again therefore I logged in to take a look. Indeed I’ve got 113 downlines, then I followed some simple steps in their guide to see what happens next. Another few days later, I found that I’ve got 180 Downlines and a potential income bonus of $640.

I then start to read more into the program compensation plan to understand how can I benefit from this program. It came out so simple as to have only 5 referrals. This program is so active that my uplines keep putting downlines under me.


This is how this program work. You will join this program for Free initially and start to see and experience what this program is like. After you start to understand this program, you can choose to upgrade your membership at $25 or you can choose to be free. After that, if you already refer 5 active member, you will be paid $40 for level 1 commission. Then you simply need to guide your 5 direct referral to groom their 5 active referral and you will get level 2 commission of $100. As every active downline is suppose to just do a minor part on grooming their own 5 direct referral. This system flows fast, uplines will then help downlines on getting more downlines. Once you completed 3rd level, you will get $500 on commission. This goes on till 6 levels, according to one of my upline who already received lvl 5 and lvl 6 commission, he received $6000+. People in this program are all helpful on their downline, if you get an unhelpful upline you could even request for a change. Very interesting program for internet income starters.

My conclusion to reviewing this Reality Networkers is this program is real, legit and good for people who just started their adventure.

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