Creating a Marketing Plan For Your Online Activity

marketing-plan-business-planIf you are an online marketer and want to see some improvements in your business performance, you should know that it is impossible without measuring and planning. If you are ready to maximize your and create a plan which will take your business to the next level then keep reading and discover the keys to creating a great plan.

The first thing which you must have is a funnel which moves your customers from accepting free offers to making large purchases. In other words, you have a step by step process where the products become more expensive as you move people towards the bottom of the funnel. As you do this, you will find that the paying customers become fewer in number and that the campaigns become more specific and targeted. This is the foundation of an effective plan.

When your funnel is ready, you need to make each of the steps of it targeted. Don’t forget to collect the names of people and their contact details. There is actually a certain price, as the info they provide you would cost you money if you were to buy a list. So it’s important how you market this offer.

After that it is time for some testing. Testing is a necessary and continuous process, as you have to find out what is working and what is not. For example, if you set up your ppc campaign have two landing pages and determine which one is converting better. Make sure you are testing only one variable at a time, as otherwise it will be impossible to which one of them made the difference.

Finally, make sure you are tracking your statistics, that means knowing what your cost per customer is and what is each customers lifetime value. Analyzing this information you can make a decision on what is faster and easier for your company – to search for new customers or to offer more options to existing ones. Usually it comes out that the second variant is much more effective.

By putting these principles into practice when creating a plan for your business, you ensure you will generate best results from your activity.

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