Reality Networkers Income

reality_networkers_incomeReality Networkers(RN) is a organization for internet marketers or networkers to build their network. In this network, it not only helps you build your list and downlines, they also got a compensation plan in addition to it. A 5×6 Force matrix one time commission per level.

I’ve joined this for Free few days ago just to see what exactly is this system trying to do. After joining, I took a quick tour around in the program and left it there for few days. Days later of not even logging in, I actually received emails from Geraldo of Reality Networkers that I’ve got 113 Downlines! It drew my attention to RN again therefore I logged in to take a look. Indeed I’ve got 113 downlines, then I followed some simple steps in their guide to see what happens next. Another few days later, I found that I’ve got 180 Downlines and a potential income bonus of $640.

I then start to read more into the program compensation plan to understand how can I benefit from this program. It came out so simple as to have only 5 referrals. This program is so active that my uplines keep putting downlines under me.


This is how this program work. You will join this program for Free initially and start to see and experience what this program is like. After you start to understand this program, you can choose to upgrade your membership at $25 or you can choose to be free. After that, if you already refer 5 active member, you will be paid $40 for level 1 commission. Then you simply need to guide your 5 direct referral to groom their 5 active referral and you will get level 2 commission of $100. As every active downline is suppose to just do a minor part on grooming their own 5 direct referral. This system flows fast, uplines will then help downlines on getting more downlines. Once you completed 3rd level, you will get $500 on commission. This goes on till 6 levels, according to one of my upline who already received lvl 5 and lvl 6 commission, he received $6000+. People in this program are all helpful on their downline, if you get an unhelpful upline you could even request for a change. Very interesting program for internet income starters.

My conclusion to reviewing this Reality Networkers is this program is real, legit and good for people who just started their adventure.

Find out more about Reality Networkers by joining Reality Networkers for Free now!

Packaging Tape Is Not Just For Boxes

packaging_tape“Packaging tape only, please” is what you will hear at the post office if you try to send a parcel sealed with anything else. So do not try to seal your box with duct tape or scotch tape. It will not make it past the counter let alone across the country. And if you do not have it at the post office they will try to sell it to you there. But be prepared for their inflated price. Buy packaging tape instead online or at your favorite discount store.

The post office knows its stuff. They know they do not want boxes breaking at the seams. That is one reason they require the strong reliable packaging tape. This strong tape is good for other purposes besides sealing boxes though.

Do you need something sealed but you do not want to the tape to be seen? Packaging tape is a good choice because it is clear.

Do you have a rip in your sofa or couch. Packaging tape works great to keep the rip or tear from getting bigger. Is especially works well on vinyl furniture.

Wood molding sometimes comes apart. And sometimes if you try to hammer a nail it will split the wood and ruin the molding. This a job for packaging tape. Use a strip to reattach to molding.


You can use packaging tape in your car. How many times does car upholstery tear because of sun damage? You can keep tears or rips from getting bigger with a strip of packaging tape until you can repair the area. This also works for the ceiling of the inside of your car if there is tear there.

Packaging tape works great if you have a tear in your screen door or window screen. You will eventually replace the screen, but until you do, use a strip of tape to keep out the flying pests. Also, some wrought iron security doors have a slot where you can attach a screen. Use packaging tape to close up the gap. You will not be able to see the tape unless you know it is there. Even then you have to look hard to see it.

Have you seen a flyer announcing a yard or garage sale up on a post? With packaging tape used to wrap it, that flyer will stay up for a long time.

Packaging tape may be the best thing since sliced bread. It repairs before you can take the time you need to take to replace. The post office requires this tape on all its boxes for a reason. It is a great and reliable product. They should know they are the experts. Once you see all the uses for packaging tape you will want to keep a roll where you can reach it at all times. We have only touched on a few uses for this tape. Once you get to using it you will have a lot more uses that will come to your mind.

Christmas Cash – 7 Easy Ways To Make Money This Christmas

christmas_cashA week before Thanksgiving last year I realized that I had a major expense due early in the New Year and if I was going to pay that I wasn’t going to have any much needed Christmas cash. I had to come up with a plan. A few hours of thinking and writing down ideas on a sheet of paper I had my plan.

8 weeks later I had earned over $20,000 in commissions and sold almost $250,000 dollars worth of physical products. My cash crisis was over. Not only that I had a blog that continued to earn me money throughout the year.

Here are 7 tips that will help you to earn money this Christmas. Although you’ll find that by picking the right products you’ll have a steady income throughout the year. So let’s get started.

1. Choose only one or two products and concentrate on them, learn as much about them as possible.

2. Use article to promote the products, it’s cheaper and more effective that Pay Per Click

3. Create a blog, you can use a generic name but ensure that individual posts use the product name in full

4. Don’t use generic names, rather than use “Tissot Watches” use product names “Tissot T Touch Titanium”

5. Use big name retailers, people trust them so use Amazon or even eBay

6. Set up Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages. The more sites you can get into the top 10 of Google the more money you’ll make. I had 7 of the top ten spots in Google at one point last year.

7. Plan ahead, if the retailer sells out of stock you’ll need an alternative source of income so make the links easy to change. If this happens eBay or AdSense can earn you a lot of money. I made more commission from eBay than the retailer because after shop stock was gone people were selling at 3 times the retail price on eBay.

It really isn’t too late to make cash for Christmas, only yesterday I set up a new blog selling an in demand product. Check sources like amazons best sellers list or eBay pulse for products that are in demand. Also watch TV and magazines what is being advertised? There are thousands of products so you don’t have to focus on the ones that everyone else is, Remember there are over 10 million pages for the Wii Fit! So choose your product wisely.

There are several ways that you can set up a website to make money for Christmas this year. My preferred method is WordPress as it ranks well in the search engines and it’s easy to set up and to tweak.

Kindle Helps Amazon To Record Q3 Results

amazon-kindle-ebook-reade-006Amazon reported record third quarter figures recently. Net income was up 70% on last year at $199 million. Revenues and profits were both in excess of predicted values and a strong fourth quarter is now anticipated. The share price was up by 27% following the announcement as analysts predicted that Amazon would become the dominant web based retail outlet in the near future.

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader has been a major element of Amazon’s success. Originally launched in 2007, and now in its second generation, the Kindle enjoys a 60% share of the US e-book market. Amazon has now, after a long wait, started shipping the Kindle 2 reader internationally to over 100 different countries. The Kindle DX is scheduled to start international shipping in early 2010.

This was followed, no more than two weeks later, by a third price cut and the consolidation to a single Kindle 2 reader – the Kindle International version, which now sells for $259. Many industry watchers saw this as a reaction to the announcement of the “Nook” e-book reader by Barnes and Noble. Whether this is true or not, the focus on the huge global market and consolidation on a single reader makes good sense.

Apple, Microsoft, Plastic Logic and Sony all have e-book readers either in development or ready for imminent launch. The e-book market is still nascent, and it is developing and growing rapidly. Amazon have, thus far at least, enjoyed a dominant position – and the Kindle reader is now their best selling product. It does not seem at all probable that they will be inactive whilst other manufacturers overtake them.


Amazon is, of course, far from being a one trick pony. Strong growth in Amazon prime memberships was seen – which offers enhanced delivery options for a one off yearly payment. Growth was particularly strong in international markets.

A company spokesman predicted that business analysts could expect Amazon to expand both the categories of goods on offer along with geographical expansion over time.

Fourth quarter sales for are expected to range between $ 8.13 billion and $ 9.13 billion.

Increase Website Traffic

boost_trafficYou can improve your website traffic today if you want. Pay per click is the obvious solution but that would be too easy, so let’s look at some free ways of boosting your traffic. Being the most apparent example, can be of prime importance so if you do not already have one set one up right now at no cost. The ping services are very useful when you want to make everyone aware of the posts you have written with keywords taken from your subject or issue. These services will announce your link to many blog directories and websites. Your website traffic will increase with more activity in this way, but you can get an instant hit in a day. You will increase more website traffic the more you do it, at the same time you can get an instant hit in one day.

Forum posting – there are forums out there for most subjects where you can generally register for free. To find good forums search on Google for your keyword plus the word forum and then take a look to see what you think. You cannot overtly publicize your site so to draw people to your site write rational posts, offer solution and advice, comment on favorite issues and in no time people will throng to your site for free.

Article writing – you can get to see an article linked to your site on the same day because though good article directories check articles for quality reasons before posting it some of them do not bother. Some others may select your article and put them on their site with your authorship information appearing below showing a direct link to your site.

Digg it – Digg provides a marvelous opportunity for you to post amusing bits and pieces or a brief summary of your blog post, article post or prose text from your web site. All too soon this appears on their celebrated and prominent pages, again offering a potential lift to your website traffic.

Email your list – it is incredible that you do not have a list yet! It is quite incredible that many people on the internet have not yet created their own email list. The good thing about a list is you can pre-set a series of messages to offer them, and you can send out an email broadcast at any time telling them to visit your site for the latest special offer or piece of advice – voila – instant boost to website traffic.

Joint Venture – not always possible in a day but sometimes it is. If you receive a news broadcast from some other website related to your topic then why not reciprocate by offering something of interest to them and their customers. Your preferred option would be to offer something valuable, namely, a free report or a product and you share the profit with the list owner in the end. A good way to boost traffic is to have innumerable names on the lists.

Freelance Writing – What Is Freelance Writing?

The word freelance on wood stamp stacking on desk with laptop, glasses and a cup of coffee at home office, vintage retro image style

The word freelance on wood stamp stacking on desk with laptop, glasses and a cup of coffee at home office, vintage retro image style

If you want to partake in you will make money by being self employed and submitting the desired content to the person who is paying you.

It doesn’t matter where you look there is something that has words printed on it. We live in an information society. Yet, even though we rely so heavily on the written word even with advances in technology, we still need people to provide that written content. What’s really amazing is that as important as the written word is to most companies, they rarely have a large full time staff to do their writing. These companies often rely on people who will do the writing for them on a freelance basis.

Even if you have never really heard of , chances are you probably have heard about people who do ghost writing. The best example of this type of writing is the people who write for celebrities and create their autobiographies for them. While it is quite prestigious for the ghost writer and they are rewarded well financially, there is usually hardly any mention of them as being the actual writer of the book.

Other aspects of which surround us but are seldom recognized are the news stories we read and hear in our newspapers and on radio and TV. No longer do the news media maintain an international army of reporters ready to move at a moments notice to cover a story. Nowadays, freelance writers set themselves up where stories are likely to ‘break’ and will sell their accounts to the highest bidder. This can be a very lucrative form of freelancing, especially if the writer can also have a film photographer with him.

We are all familiar with book shops. Book shops sell the work, almost exclusively, of freelance writers. Fiction is the biggest market for freelancers and the one which many try to break into before they realise that they are not very well prepared. Non fiction is a large field, too, but getting into that takes a little more effort and a lot of luck. It is very difficult to present existing knowledge in a new and refreshing way and almost impossible, as an unknown quantity, to get a new non fiction book published.

Far and away the easiest field to break into is that of local publications like newspapers and magazines. It is the content of these two vehicles that drive the popularity so editors are always on the look-out for new authors to present their readers with different content. We should also include here the huge numbers of people who own web sites. They too are constantly seeking to improve the standings of their web sites by introducing new, relevant and valuable information.

Writing content for website owners is probably the easiest type of you could do, most of them would only ask you to write them informative and entertaining articles that are only 500-600 words long.

So, what is ? It is a major opportunity facing people who are prepared to put in a little effort for a lot of reward.

Adsense Income Stream

 is an online advertisement program run by Google. By subscribing to Google can place advertisements on your website and you can earn money through the advertisements. is the easiest online advertisement program because Google chooses the advertisements automatically based on your website content. Revenue is generated by either a click on an advertisement or sometimes impression of an advertisement. Impression means that if an advertisement is displayed on your website you will get money for that.

Google chooses the right advertisements that fit the theme of your website and thereby helps it and in turn, this process helps the owner of the website. If someone clicks on the advertisement link or the impression of the same in the website, the server records the same and pays us for that click.In the present world of online entertainment and facilities, we find unlimited number of online earning facilities and all of them have a vast number of users.

The World Wide Web has been getting its new push from the time Google started and it is considered to be the best earning program that can be done from home. The method of using is explained by the and it shows that there are lots of factors to be considered before starting this earning choice through your website. claim to have earned more money than their day jobs, in some cases and it is possible with only a good traffic to your website. This in turn is possible by using advertising the website.


The chances of someone clicking the links in your website increases with the traffic for it and Adwords is another method of advertising your website on different other websites. An additional factor that affects the traffic and popularity of your website is the contents of the same. Regular updating and proper division of your website will help tremendously and making sure of the keywords density in your articles will be added asset. Keyword density is the means of bringing in attention to the article without having to lose focus of the same.

Third factor that we consider is search engine optimization .This means to optimize your website, its details and content according to the leading search engines to bring more traffic to your website if search for something specific on the . The next point to consider is submitting your website to directories which keep a record of website of different niche. also depends on the layout of your website and how the advertisements are placed on your website. General consensus is that you get a better click rate if your advertisements look like a part of the website.

The advertisement banners are appropriate in size and their color scheme is matching your website’s overall color scheme. also depends on your niche or in layman terms what your website is about, some niche have cheap advertisements for example video game advertisement won’t pay you the same as an advertisement for an insurance company. But this can be accommodated if you have worked hard on your website’s layout with in mind.

Forex Trading Scams-an Overview

forex_trading_scamsThe international currency market is often known as forex market or it is known as the forex. All three of these have the identical meaning, which is the buying and selling between completely different firms, banks, businesses, and governments which might be located in several countries. The forex market is one that is always making transactions to be completed through brokers, and banks. Many scams have been reported within the foreign exchange enterprise, as foreign firms and individuals are establishing online to benefit from individuals who don’t realize that foreign exchange trade must happen by a dealer or a company with direct participation concerned in foreign exchanges.

Cash, stocks, and foreign money is traded via the international forex markets. The forex market will be online and exist when one foreign currency is traded for another. Take into consideration a trip chances are you wll take to a foreign country. Where are you going to have the ability to trade your cash for the value of the cash that is in that different country? This is forex exchange basis, and it is not out there in all banks, and it’s not obtainable in all financial centers. Foreign exchange is a specialized trading circumstance.

Small businessmen and individuals usually seeking to make massive money, are the victims of scams in the case of learning about foreign exchange and the foreign currency markets. As forex is seen as how one can make a fast buck or two, individuals don’t doubt their participation in such an event, however in case you are not investing money by way of a dealer in the forex market, you may easily end up losing every thing that you have invested within the transaction.


Scams to be wary of a foreign exchange scam is one which includes trading however will become a fraud; you have no probability of getting your money back after getting invested it. In case you were to take a transaction with an organization stating they are concerned in forex trading you need learn if they are permitted to do business in your country. Many corporations are not permitted in the forex market, as they have defrauded traders before.

In the last five years, with the help of the Internet, forex trading and the awareness of forex trading has become all the rage. Banks are the number one source for forex trading to take place, where a trained and licensed broker is going to complete transactions and requirements you set forth. Commissions are paid on the transaction and this is the usual.

Another kind of scam that is prevalent in the foreign exchange markets is software that can support you in making trades, in studying concerning the forex and in working towards so you’ll be able to put yourself for following and making trades. You need to be able to rely on a program or software program that’s actually going to make a difference. Consult with your financial broker or your bank to study extra about forex trading, the forex markets and how one can keep away from being the sufferer while investing in these markets.

How To Become Successful In Automated Forex Trading

automate_forexAutomatic forex trading generally involves the use of that are programmed to monitor the recent developments and update of what is presently happening in the foreign exchange market. It is also equipped with forex indicators what will alert you of any impending rise and fall of a particular currency. Thereby, it can make credible recommendations on which currency to buy or sell; as well as when to sell or when to buy other currencies.

The stats showed by different have shown that profits can actually be made trading forex. The main problem now is actually how to earn decent income trading forex. The learning process is usually tedious and could be frustrating when is really itching to start making money. I would honestly advise the use of robots while one is still learning. If you are not ready to take a risk yet you might just open a demo account with a broker and get going and see how the forex robot performs while you are still learning. The advantages of using is very clear. Let us look at just three of them. Just like I said earlier you do not need to even complete your learning before you start trading with robots. In fact you do not need to know anything about forex to start trading. All you need do is pick up a good robot download and install it and start making money.

It beats the learning process and make you earn like an expert without being an expert. Saves time and Money: Pursuing other interests of life while still making money is everyone’s dream. The robot comes in handy to meet the very dire need. It is essentially a system of generating income for without your interference.


It is simply a case of imploring smart ways of filling your purse and not work hard to get similar result.There fore it very easy to pursue other interests. Overcomes two factors of human failures in : You may want to ask me why we fail in . And the answers that comes to mind is fear and greed.Fear and greed are basically emotional in nature and comes to play a large role in every affair of human life. That is if you allow it.

These two components are very important in order for you to easily adjust this trading software when you are ready to take risks in engaging in much bigger scale trading and as well as the time scale.

The Importance Of Researching And Selecting The Right Payment Gateway For Your Retail Business

payment_gatewayFor businesses that conduct their sales on the internet, it is crucial to have a way of securely and accurately processing website transactions. A gateway is a service that internet businesses use that are able to safely pass the buyer’s card and other sensitive information to the retailer and their bank. There are no payment services that are exactly the same so conducting a bit of research is important in selecting the right payment gateway for your retail .

It’s important that internet retailers pick a payment gateway that will suite their ’s every need. Factors such as whether or not you plan to accept foreign currency, fees, long term costs, security, and integration should all be considered. Make a decision with your strengths and long term goals in mind.

For help with foreign currency you may need a little help, especially if you are planning on mainly selling your products on the overseas market. A service provider that will be able to walk you through the confusing and tedious process will be helpful. Gateways with low currency conversion fees should be looked into. When you consider the cost of a customer’s peace of mind, the cost of expensive gateways able to handle foreign currency may not seem to high in comparison.

For newer internet businesses a gateway with minimal long term fees is a great beginning. These more affordable payment gateways offer businesses the ability to accept many card transactions without having any setup or monthly fees. The companies instead use a transaction fee that is a fixed percentage of the site’s sales. The negative to going with the less expensive providers is that services will be a lot less faster.


Many payment gateways charge excessive fees which, in addition to ones from the acquired bank, can be quite overwhelming for some smaller businesses. There are a few services that, when paired with certain banks, charge slightly less setup and monthly fees. Know exactly how much your can afford to spend before deciding on a service provider.

Gateway providers need to safely transmit sensitive data over the internet. Due to this they are sometimes popular marks for hackers. It is very important to take your businesses’ customer security a priority. Get a payment gateway with a serious distinction and with an reputation for accountability so even if something horrible occurs, the payment can be refunded quickly.

A retail website’s shopping cart service is the backbone of its income. They are popular in that they allow for 24/7 secure transactions and confidentially reduce customer concerns. Do your research and be aware that not all companies mesh with all shopping cart services. Make sure to choose a gateway that integrates with this feature well.

Lastly, for your retail , be sure to be aware of your own specific needs so selecting the right payment gateway for your retail is a successful one. Decide what your business goals are and whether integration, security, foreign currency acceptance, costs, or fees is your top priority. Make informed decisions and consider the pros and cons of potential gateway providers.