Best Internet Providers To Work From Home

Earning steady income without leaving your home is possible thanks to the internet. Today companies require remote workers to perform duties from any location in the world. This is a strategy by companies to diversify services in a wider geographical area while minimizing operation costs such as rent and bills. Working from home is ideal for moms with newborn babies, students who study on a part-time basis, military spouses with no jobs, entrepreneur, veterans, people with health issues such as disability and chronic diseases, retiree and any other jobless person with the right skills that fit companies’ job requirements.

Here are some of the flexible remote jobs that can be executed from home.

  • Survey jobs that pay between $ 1- $50
  • Website testing which pays between $ 1-$15 per test
  • Freelancer jobs such as writing, transcribing, data entry, editing pay rate is $10-$50 per job
  • Corporate English Trainer rate is $15 an hour
  • Telephone Nurse jobs which pay $50 an hour
  • Search Engine Evaluator jobs pay $9 to $10 an hour
  • Customer Service Representative get $8 to $18 an hour
  • Online Teacher jobs which have an hourly rate of $15-$20
  • Virtual Tutor jobs which have a pay scale of $12 to $35 an hour
  • Medical Receptionist / transcriptionists hourly rate is $ 17.17

Most companies offering flexible jobs require workers to have high-speed internet connections since 90 % of the work is done online. Without reliable, high speed and unlimited internet access, you will find it very hard working from home with your own online business. Here are some of the best internet providers from US, UK, and Canada that you can rely on.

Virgin Media

virgin-mediaThe UK has some large internet providers such as Plusnet, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT. All providers come with email services such as TalkTalk Webmail, Plusnet webmail and Virgin Media email. Lets start with Virgin Media. Working from home either as a virtual assistant or an online tutor not only do you require high-speed internet but also a reliable one. The effectiveness of your internet connection can determine your success in the job your undertaking. Virgin media assures its customers of speed and reliable internet connections.

For those who take gigs related to downloading and uploading such as transcribers and editors, this internet provider is what you’re looking for. They have been voted numerous times for being the best company with fastest download speeds and upload speeds by reputable firms such as Ofcom.The Company offers 3 packages to home workers

Vivid 50 which has internet speeds of 50 Mbps and cost £12 a month. With a family of 4 working online this package can support all the 4 devices connected online simultaneously.

Vivid 100 which has internet speeds of 100mbps and cost £17 a month. The package can support 10 PC connected online all at the same time. Note the package has no download limit.

Vivid 200 has internet speeds of up 200mbps and cost £25 a month. This is the best package for virtual assistants and tutors since they require high-speed connections for the purpose of live video chatting.

Sky Fibre

sky-fibreAs a remote worker, Sky fiber offers you broadband packages that are affordable and that suit the requirements of the online jobs. Their packages speeds range from 5mbps, 8mbps, 16mbps, 38mbps and 76 Mbps and cost between £ 10- £30 a month.

Sky fiber features such as unlimited internet connection and high-speed internet connects are ideal for flexible jobs that require such features such as transcribing jobs and survey jobs. Big plus for Sky is that each broadband package comes with a premium Sky Email account. You can use this to run your own online business.


optimumOptimum internet providers are an excellent choice for remote workers in the USA since they offer speeds that are pocket-friendly and can serve the intended task efficiently.As a home worker here are some of the packages that Optimum offers you

Optimum standard which has a speed of 5 Mbps and as a client subscribed to the package you have the freedom to use 3 devices simultaneously and this won’t affect the speed of the internet. The package is ideal for freelance writers, survey gigs and other jobs that require browsing.

Optimum Ultra has a speed of 60 Mbps and as a subscriber, in the package, you are entitled to unlimited internet usage, and you can connect your 10 devices at the same time on the internet without affecting the speeds. The package is excellent for those who have videos to upload or editing videos, music, and software’s online.

Optimum ultimate has speeds of up to 101 Mbps.The package can be used by 15-20 devices all connected, and the speed won’t be affected. It’s an ideal package for consumers who have heavy internet usage in their home. The package offers unlimited internet usage as well.


Xfinity internet providers offer speeds that are ideal for remote workers in the USA. Surfing the internet as a freelancer looking for work all day can at times land you in websites that are not secure and mostly are phishing sites and scam related sites. Comcast has the best online security feature called constant guard that will protect you from cyber criminals and malware which may have attached itself in a transcription file.

For those who take survey jobs and usually are assigned mystery shopping gigs, you will be interested to know that Comcast has millions of Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the nation and no matter the job your assigned they have covered you well in terms of internet connectivity.

Comcast has three internet packages that are ideal for home workers.

Performance package has got a speed of 25 Mbps and go for $39.99 a month for 12 months. The packages are limited to 4 devices connections and are very effective nearly to all related online jobs.

Performance Pro package has got a speed of 75 Mbps and will cost you $79.95 a month for 12 months. With such a speed all jobs whether they require downloading of files, streaming videos or uploading huge files this package is excellent for any job. Performance Pro can be used by six devices connected simultaneously

Blast package is the ultimate package offered by Comcast.it has got 150 Mbps internet speeds that go for $82.95 a month. With such speeds, all tasks that require high-speed internet connections can be done through blast package.


This is one of the best internet providers in Canada that cover the needs of homeworkers since they have very pocket-friendly internet packages. There are four speeds packages to choose from, and they are all unlimited.

High-speed 6o Mbps package that cost $ 29.95 monthly. It’s ideal for browsing ad nearly all online tasks that require good internet connections

High speed 150 Mbps that goes for $ 37.95 monthly. It’s ideal for file downloading and uploading works.

High speed 200 Mbps which cost $44.95 monthly .with such high speeds everything from streaming 4k videos or uploading 10 GB files is possible.

High speed 300 Mbps which cost $ 55.95 monthly. This kind of speed is awesome ideal for heavy internet usage such as massive downloads and uploads of huge files.

All packages have unlimited usage of internet hence there are no data caps or any over charges. An activation fee is applicable when you subscribe to any package and will cost you $49.95

Bell internet

Bell internet has the largest Fiber optic network in Canada.it has one of the most powerful Wi-Fi connection you can get and with its super-fast speeds and unlimited internet it becomes an ideal internet provider for homeworkers to evaluate. Here are some of its packages

15mbps internet speeds which will cost you $ 64.95 a month

25 Mbps internet speeds which will cost you 69. 95 a month

50 Mbps which will cost you 79. 95 a month

150 Mbps which will cost you 89.95 a month

300 Mbps which will cost you $ 99.95 a month

1 Gbps which goes for $149.95 a month

With such flexible speeds, every home worker has a package that suits his or her job requirement.

For you to earn a decent income from home, you require investing small capital in an internet provider who is reliable and has got all the features that fit the job description your undertaking. The above internet providers are some of the best within the US, UK, and Canada region. Evaluate and analyze each to make a well-informed decision.

Personal Cloud Storage Providers And What They Offer

Cloud storage providers are becoming increasingly popular. The whole nature of the internet is of people from all over the world sharing information, so it makes sense that there is a system that helps people back up that information, without relying on hard drives and backups. But what should you look for in a cloud storage provider?

The basic facets of a cloud storage system is that it is not tied to a specific geographic location, it is based on certain commodity components and is billed on a usage basis, often on a per gigabyte basis. Using a system called redundancy, the information is on multiple servers, ensuring the information is accessible. This has the added bonus of allowing a group to have the same information, regardless of their location. Some great storage providers are:

Other paid for servers can offer more storage for around 7 dollars per month. This is usually around 5GB. These providers will often have more services for your money, including twenty four hour phone support. Like any payment plan, it is important to weigh up what features you require.

It is worth comparing different providers, as some only handle certain types of files and are intended only for certain types of files. There are numerous websites that can show you the best and internet feedback forums can often give you anecdotal stories that can help you make a decision that is best for you and your business.

The downside of some providers is that may be ad revenue generated companies and it may be worth paying the extra premium to not be bothered by advertising. Again though, careful research should ensure you avoid these providers.

With free accounts, there is sometimes a ten second delay for downloading files. While this may be a minor irritant, this is a factor when considering how to choose a suitable provider. It is also worth looking at the type of data your provider specialises in handling. In short, it is worth looking further. Search engine websites can point you in the direction of good customer feedback, allowing you to find the right provider for you.

To receive instant data storage online quotes visit our online backup storage quoting service and we’ll match you with up to four providers, free!

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Where to Find Web Hosting Cheap

Website hosting and hosting server products are two of the hottest products on the internet today. Finding a reliable hosting account to help handle website traffic is vital for many users. Although free website hosting may not seem like best way to provide website hosting services a free web host service is perfectly suitable for many needs. There are also many cheap website hosting providers offering packages in microsoft web hosting and with dedicated server cheap prices, everyone can have their own domain name service. Whilst there is no definite best website hosting site, ones that offer free web hosting domain name will be good for some, a corporate website will be great for businesses and for those looking to make some money, a host reseller can give a greater opportunity to make some cash.

It is hard to select a best website hosting site however a provision of free web hostingdomain name is perfect for some whilst a corporate website may be great for companies and there is the option to be a host reseller for those who need to make a little extra money along the way. Having the ability to obtain domain name registration and hosting can come from a good host provider who should also offer affordable business web hosting. The range of packages should include services like colocation service, free web hosting asp, dedicated servers cheap, cpanel reseller hosting, cheap asp net hosting and colocation facility if required.

For your perusal, one shopper may have a necessity for a linux shared hosting system but many other users may not understand what a linux shared hosting system is. The mass choice of dedicated hosting services should ensure that every purchaser that would like to obtain trustworthy web site hosting should be treated well. This ensures any business which needs to obtain information about reseller web hosting products; it should be easy to evaluate the knowledge that they need. One proven way to capture the greatest sort of offer is to undertake a website hosting comparison search to capture firm deals and offers, which will aid the selection process. The importance of having this sort of service certifies that the ability and capabilities of any online web enthusiast can be overly improved and made available to any willing business.

No matter what sort of hosting jobs are required, information and support is available online, with the added advantage of web site reviews helping consumers make a more informed choice. For instance, a lunarpages review will inform customers of the merits of that site and of any offers like free asp net hosting it may offer. Depending on where a consumer is located, there may be country specific products with an example being web hosting South Africa. Knowing the webhosting top companies and who the website owners are should make it easier for consumers to judge the site and a top 10 web host will offer an insight into websitehosting. Whether the product you seek revolves around colocation facilities, com website hosting or unix Webhosting there will be 1 website hosting firm which stands out for you and knowing the relative merits of website hostings will help make this decision for you.

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Are You Expecting Social Media To Help You Sell?

Can social media channels such as twitter and Facebook  really help your business build it’s brand or sell the products you have to offer? With more people using these web sites on a daily basis, there must be a way to turn followers into purchasers. I believe its possible with a few simple strategies. Consider the power of social media as communicator, leader, and sale person. Follow these guidelines for social media success.

To be effective with your use of social media, you need to communicate in the area of your expertise. For example, if you are a designer interested in HTML you want to be communicating with other people who have an interest in web site development. By creating a following that you have something in common with, you’re sure to have a valuable dialog.

Start with a plan. If you want to use social media for marketing and promotional purposes, you really need to have a plan. Starting to post or profile is a great idea but certainly not enough for online success. To succeed you should define objectives, resources, and responsible parties. Doing so improves your chances of success dramatically.

Share what you know. Each of us has an area or discipline that we know something about. If you have a hobby, career, or area of interest, then focus on sharing what you know with others. By focusing your efforts on what you know best, your passion comes through and keeps others engaged. This creates more value for your followers and keeps them coming back.

Communicate on a consistent basis. One of the most important aspects of social mediais having a dialog on a regular basis. You must commit some time to posting on social media related sites a few times per week. By staying in front of others on a regular basis, you make sure that the conversation continues to grow. The more you put in the more you’ll get back. Communicate often and consistently to be successful.

Invite others to participate. By inviting others to participate in your subject matter, you can create meaningful conversation. If those who are interested in your topic have an opportunity to participate, they feel a sense of ownership and want to give more. Social media is all about conversation that is two ways. Solicit topics and questions from your audience and keep them engaged.

Don’t sell. Here’s the key with social media. If all you plan to do is sell, youre in for a big surprise. People using social media don’t want to be sold. Rather, create meaningful content, let others follow and interact with you, share your expertise. To sell with social media, you first need to sell yourself. After a short time, others will try what you try, follow what you follow, and take your suggestions as gospel.

The area of social media is in full force. By developing a list of followers or fans, you can quickly improve the opportunity to build your brand.  You can use a WordPress plugin to do so. To sell your products however, you’ll have to create value for your followers. Don’t try to sell directly. You’re best bet is to mention products in a subtle way. This has more power than the direct approach when it comes to social media marketing. Followers can leave you quickly so don’t push your luck. Create value and they will return the favor.

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How To Conduct Search Engine Reputation Management

The World Wide Web and Internet has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. More and more businesses rely on it heavility to promote their wares and services. Individuals and organizations depend on it for sales but it has also been replete with negativities. A classic example is defamation slander which could slaughter of your reputation online.

Common perpetrators are usually dissatisfied customers, fellow competitors, or sociopaths who basicially enjoy lambasting other people online just for the heck of it. Slander and libel are also common online because it is just too easy to influence customers that way.

Those who suffer from a bad online reputation usually do the following to fix the damage. There are those who don’t do anything and just patiently wait for the undesirable comments to disappear from the face of the web. Others, on the other hand, resort to filing a lawsuit against companies. However, this alternative is very expensive and with no guaranteed results. Lastly, some people utilize reputation management tools and services, particularly search engine reputation management repair services, so that the undesirable content will be pushed down search engines.

While the first two options certainly don’t do much to fix the situation, the third is something to be considered. But this cant be easily done, so it’s better leave it into the hands of the professionals. There are many companies that are well-trained in reputation management which can do these tasks for you. By utilizing state of the art online reputation management methods, they can make your bad online reputation a thing of the past.

The main task of such companies is to manage online reputation with the utmost mission of creating a positive online image for their clients. They also exist in order to monitor and see to it that their clientele generate good impression to the online community by way of regularly promoting them through positive content.

Though these services exist, it should not stop there. One must be very cautious in selecting the suitable reputation management service provider. Be sure to identify the outcome that you expect to be made to your online reputation. You should assess carefully if a service provider is properly armed with the suitable strategies and solutions that can push down or even eradicate completely the malicious content and personal assaults to your online reputation. Most significantly, you must be certain that your chosen provider uses follow-up methods to ensure reputation repair through constant updates regarding the created content made for you.

The main priority of these companies to safeguard your online reputation. In fact, instead of doing it your own, you would be better off in choosing one of them to help you. Sooner than later, sales would be brisk again and all the negative comments will be buried down by search engines. With all these benefits, it is clear that getting this service from an expert company is a great financial investment.

One may not fully understand the consequence of an assault on someone’s online brand until considerable damage has been done to a person’s reputation online. That is why reputation management services continue to exist. It is to ensure brand protection using the best online reputation techniques to help control the damage. The results are usually not evident immediately during the first month, but eventually you will find the results to be well worth it.

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Taking Advantage of Home Based Business Opportunities By Starting Your Own

“Because of our economic situation today, we face financial challenges that make us find more ways just to make ends meet. People would want to improve their ways of living and make ends meet every month without worrying on where to get the money to pay for the bills. Many people choose to have a business to answer their financial needs. Having a home based business is a good decision and this is ideal even for those who have work and still want to earn an extra income and for those who are home buddies and who want to earn. You too can start your own home based business of your own.

When you want to start your own home based business, you can start by surveying your area on what products or services is not available in your neighborhood. People would always want to have an easy access on almost everything and anything. You are required to shell out a few bucks to get you started, a small home based business will not need a big amount, so it will not be hard on you to raise the money that you needed to start your own business. Be sure of your target market as well, the product or services that you offer should have a target market so that it would be easier to get customers. Prepare a business plan to ensure that your business will be organized and well managed.

You can also opt to have a business that you like doing or our hobby perhaps, in this way you are sure that you know your product and you will have a lot of ideas to improve your product and make it salable to the market. It will also be fun on your part when convert your hobby into a business. The positive aspect of having a home based business is that you can have your family member as your employees while you are just starting. With this way you can lessen your expenses because you do not have to pay for labor cost. This is also a good way for you and your family member to earn money while bonding.

You can find a lot of possible ways to improve your financial status in life. Determination are and patience just some of the key factor that you must possess in order to succeed in life. Try to study the market that will best suit you and your product if you want to venture into a home business. Be creative and work hard for your business to blossom.”

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Can You Afford Not To Know CPA Marketing?

If you have been around affiliate marketing for a little while you may have heard about Cost per action marketing or CPA affiliate programs. While these plans are not new more and more of these partner networks seem to be springing up everyday. Cost per action marketing has become one of the new hot items for affiliate marketers to use because you will find them to be some of the easiest and most lucrative marketingopportunities.

The steps to a cost per action marketing program are basically:

* An email address is submitted.OR * A form is filled out.OR * A zip code is submitted

You are not selling the person anyting. They are seeking a solution to something and if they like the ad that the advertiser has supplied then they take an action. You then get paid.

It is just this sort of simple and straight forward action that makes CPA offers so appealing to online marketers. One of the best things is the pay out. You can make on an average $1-$1.50 for a mere single field entry. There are offers out there that will even pay as much as $30 for filling out a longer form.

Here are three tips that can assist you in maximizing your Cost Per Action marketingcampaign.

1. Identify your target market – If you are in the dog training niche then research product names and also what behaviour it deals with. If you are already running a site that does reviews of popular dog training products then it becomes easy to just find a CPA offer to fit your groups needs and desires,like an offer for free dog training consultation, or dog treats to use for obedience training.

2. KnowYour Click through stats – I hate numbers with the next person but it is really important that you know your click through rates so you can effectively get rid of campaigns that are not converting. It is valuable to where people are coming from so you can tweak what you are doing to get better conversions. One nice item is that many CPA networks and CPA affiliate programs offer you advanced stats reporting. This way you can easily see where there are new areas for revenue generation.

3. Sign Up To Lots Of Networks – If you already have a site going, it is really easy to get into a CPA network. They are looking for quality sites that will promote them that is on target with their product. You can also just do pay per click via Google Adwords, but know your budget if you choose that path. By signing up to a variety of programs you can find that some offer more money for the same offers so it is important to do your research.My rule of thumb is to promote around 5-7 distinct offers at a time so that you have better odds of finding a winning campaign.

I have found that CPA marketing can be very lucrative for your internet marketing career online. Cost per action marketing can easily offer you a Job Killing Income. It is also a win-win for everyone involved. You are helping the advertisers get their message out, in turn you as an affiliate make money, while the prospect is being introduced to the products and services they desire. That’s win, win, win!

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Make Money With Adsense

Adsense is operated by Google. This is a method of advertising that has become quite common on the internet. You will allow Google to place advertisements on your website for them and for other businesses. There is no cost to you. However, in exchange for the space on your website these ads take up, you will earn money each time a consumer clicks a link from an advertisement on your website. This is a great way to generate some extra income. The amount of money you earn will depend on the number of ads you have on your site as well as the amount of traffic on your website.

You may be saying this is too easy, what is the catch? It is easy, but there is no catch. This is a great way for businesses to get exposure in various places all over the internet. It also helps them cut down on advertising expenses because they only pay each time a consumer takes a link from a website. Most other types of advertising cost a set amount regardless of if anyone looks at it or not. This is a great method for new businesses that have a low budget for advertising. The more traffic they can generate to their site, the more profits they will make. In turn they can afford to advertise more.

Adsense is a winning situation for everyone. Businesses use it as a low cost way of advertising, website owners use it as a way to earn money, consumers use it as a way to find other products and services they are interested in, and Google uses it as an effective way to earn more money. In fact, Adsense has become so common you will find it on numerous websites just by surfing around the internet a little bit.

Google has a great system in place to determine the best advertisements to place on your website. They will place ads that relate to your products or services offered but not direct competitors. Google is able to determine market trends, customer demands, and evaluate the best ads for your website based on accumulated data that has been analyzed in those areas. This means you have a very good chance of earning money because a great deal of research has gone into determining what consumers are after.

There are many places on your website that you can place Adsense advertisements including your homepage, blogs, emails, and anything else you wish to use. You don’t have to sell products or services to benefit from Adsense either. You may have an educational site or information site. Any type of website can be used for Adsense. Remember that the ads will be fitting and related to the type of website you operate.

The process of signing up for Adsense and start earning money is very simple. Just go to www.Adwords.com. You will need to fill out some basic information on an application. Within 48 hours you will get a response telling you if you were approved or not. If you are not accepted you will need to contact them to get a full disclosure of why. It is important to have the application completely filled out as that is the number one reason why websites are rejected. Other reasons include personal websites that are not subjective enough and having a website under 15 pages.

Once your application has been accepted you will have to copy and page an html code into the pages you want ads to show up on. You can choose to display the ads vertically or horizontally on your website. You can even customize the colors to make them match your website better. Online help and customer service is available 24/7 if you have questions or other issues.

Making money with Adsense is very possible and simple. The more ads you place on your website and the more traffic you have, the more money you will make. Adsense is very simple to set up and you can choose to stop being a part of the process at any time. The ads will be relevant to your website yet not direct competitors. You don’t pay anything to become a member of Adsense, so what do you have to lose?

Success to You,

-Darrin Walton http://www.wealthyways4you.com